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Wed May 18, 2011, 8:51 PM by Memoria-CP:iconmemoria-cp:

◊ Creation ◊

There was once a man…
A man who didn’t know his origin…

This man longed to find his birthplace since becoming aware of his existence…
His birthplace…A place he remembered only in his dreams…

…His only clue was a red light…
He thought it might be a memory of that place…A sunset? A city? A person? …

One day he picked up an empty book.

He grabbed a pen and let his hand to move freely.
Soon, he was writing.
He was creating.
Like God.

And thus, the man began recreating the place in his dreams.
Gigantic trees that touched the skies...endless green landscapes of grass and flowers....deep blue oceans under a bright blue sky....the whispers of the wind...

...After polishing his work, he created beings to inhabit it; beings similar and also different from him.

...And he watched..Watched his world tirelessly, searching for answers of that which had been haunting him all his life. Searching for a place to call home.

…That book he kept writing…He named it Memoria Somnium.

◊ Gis’Ceni Epoch ◊

Long ago, when the World of Memoria was still young...

Many races coexisted peacefully. Despite their differences, these people helped each other and soon those that shared certain traits grouped together, giving birth to the first small and primitive civilization: the Gis’Ceni.

Memoria soon saw His world heading towards imbalance as his creations grew and developed their civilizations, but curiously continued to watch before taking unnecessary action.

Not long after did differences between people emerge and the ugly side of each being came to light.

▫ The Gis’Ceni Disaster ▫

The Leiians – children of Mother Earth – overcome by their envy towards the Human race, chose to forget years of coexistence and brought calamity and disaster over the continent of Khivann and its inhabitants.

Led by an Evil God opposing Memoria’s reign of Peace and Stability, they misused the knowledge given to them and found they could change the world through War.
With their powerful witchcraft they toppled cities and destroyed many lives, and forced upon the conquered their rule, bringing about the Gis’Ceni Disaster.

Fearing the Leiians, the inhabitants could do nothing but pray to Memoria for help…

◊ Era of Myths ◊

The Gis’Ceni Disaster did not last long. Everything ended on a night of three full moons.

From the Heavens descended the Thear: Beings devoid of color, bathed in pure light, aiding the Humans during this time of suffering.

With their vast knowledge and godly powers they struck down the Leiians and united the continent, bringing an Era of Peace and Prosperity.

Fearing the return of the darkness and tyranny imposed by the Leiians, the other races, specifically the Humans, found comfort and salvation with the Thear, worshipping them.

▫ Epoch of Peace ▫

For a while, peace reigned within the World of Memoria.

The Leiians, forever chained to their dark history, paid the price for their sins and scattered across the land receiving the “treatment” they so deserve, being subject to hatred, discrimination, persecution …

Those who fought back, the “witches”, were tortured or burned at the stake, so their souls could be freed from their contaminated cage of flesh.
Some continued to struggle, determined to reclaim the rights and equality they once had.

The Thear gave the humans their knowledge …sharing their secrets with them and establishing and developing their kingdoms. These advanced human civilizations lasted almost two centuries.

Memoria was glad to see calm and stable growth once again.

▫ Epoch of Darkness ▫

As the Full Moons merged with Darkness, a new entity appeared.

The Evil God that manipulated the Leiians into starting War with other races hid the Sun and Moons from the people in an attempt to erase them from History once and for all.

Humans, Leiians, and the remaining races in Khivann lacked the power to fight this threat and soon their cities and way of life were annihilated; nothing but another chapter in Memoria’s Book.

Most fled to villages and other safer places. Few were the ones who remained behind to fight together with the Divine Envoys.

A titanic and violent battle known as Bloodshed of Gods ensued. In time, the Thear emerged victorious, piercing the Evil God’s heart, resulting in the shattering of His body into countless fragments, scattered across Khivann.

However, the battle scarred the continent, splitting it into several islands that slowly drifted apart.

With the fragments scattered all over the World, the Thear left behind three successors to rule over the three remaining kingdoms in Khivann. Each ruler was given a shard said to contain the power and wisdom of the Divine Envoys, granting them the power to achieve the peace and stability they wished for.

With this, the Thear vanished from the Continent to collect the remaining fragments of the Evil God in order to prevent His return.

The actions of these mighty creatures later gave birth to many myths and legends.

◊ Era of Recovery ◊

The surviving Humans lost everything, but the Leiians that remained in Khivann also suffered great losses.
Slowly, they re-established ties with one another and the past discrimination and hostility between these races lessened in the following years.

The knowledge left behind by the Thear could not be used in full as the people did not share their writing system. Consequently, civilization evolved slowly but smoothly.

New towns were erected, territories were developed, and transportation improved thanks to the refinement of a mineral named Lun’Erco.
An explosion of development resulted and with every new answer came new questions as well.

Under the guidance of the rulers of the three kingdoms and with the aid of the Church of Laremis, devoted to worshipping the Thear, Khivann was infused with a thirst for knowledge and discovery.

Memoria, ever watching, saw for the first time in long while the World’s history, culture and technology flourishing.
Little did He know of the darkness that would follow...

▫ Epoch of Greed ▫

The ever-increasing level of civilization and technology brought greater demand for resources. Soon, Lun’Erco was seeing its first scarcity in the history of Memoria and many battles were fought to conquer the territories still untouched. Soon, Pennute's dangerous actions led to War when they invaded Terhwa's Kingdom.

The Kingdoms fought for what few remaining resources remained, with many villages and innocents paying the price.

Memoria, unable to keep up with His creations’ flaws and tendency for conflict, tears apart the last pages of the book. Not wanting to know the future, he discards them, leaving the people alone to shape the future of the World.

▫ Age of Atonement ▫

In the third year of the War, the shards the Thear left in the care of the three kingdoms were stolen, but the incidents are never revealed to the masses.

As the conflict intensifies, a mysterious creature appears in the blink of an eye and attacks Khivann, bringing destruction to all nations regardless of allegiance in the war. Just as quick as it appeared, it disappeared, leaving no trace behind.

Edain, the head of the Church of Laremis, said to be direct descendant of the Thear, claims that the conflict for Lun'Erco is responsible for the Evil God's return.

Believing this event to be indeed the return of the Evil One, the conflict among the warring nations comes to an end as they unite to fight against the new threat, eventually leading to a peace treaty between the kingdoms.

◊ Era of Discovery ◊

Two years after the Peace treaty, a group of rebels appeared. Calling themselves the Order of Veyerus, their goal is to resurrect the Evil God and reunite with Him. Its leader, Dius, announces to the people that he has stolen the three shards from the Kingdoms and is collecting the fragments of the Evil God.

The three kingdoms, unable to bear such humiliation, join forces and begin recruiting people to aid them in this quest of collecting the fragments before Veyerus as well as defeating its leader, intending to restore hope and prevent calamity from returning to the world.

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