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World of Memoria

Thu May 19, 2011, 5:00 PM by Memoria-CP:iconmemoria-cp:

List of Important Locations

*For information on the Kingdom's cities, visit the Kingdoms Journal Entry

Autonomous Government of Iserba

Form of Government: Democracy
Main Government building: Abresi Palace
Current Heads: Eladio V. Torjh

Population: Less than 1 million inhabitants
Climate: Iserba’s climate is the least consistent year round; it is prone to both heat in the summer, and snow in the winter. The island can be very different depending on when it is visited, making it a popular vacation spot for some people due to its climate “matching” the season.


Also known as the “City of Freedom” or “City of Beginnings”.
Iserba is a city-state built around a huge tower that has been there since ages past. With a unique culture that is independent of all three kingdoms, it’s in this city that the Guild’s Headquarters are located.
It was once a very strict and religious kingdom of its own before a group of adventurers and rebels overthrew the King and Monarchy 25 years before the First Khivann War. Now a free nation led by a former explorer’s son Eladio, Iserba is a haven to pirates, hunters, mercenaries and other kinds of outlaws who are also the very citizens of this city.
The main Tower houses the quarters to Iserba’s leader, as well as the Guild’s headquarters, located alongside a dojo.
Due to all kinds of people visiting this city, it possesses numerous festivals and customs brought from all over the Continent.Aspiring young adventurers often come here in search of a place to test their skills, as well as learn new ones.


A small village between the city of Iserba and the Port of Lukevi. Cethyr is well known for the fabrics and garments they produce; its garments show influences from the culture of the neighboring Iserba. This is also where many festivals are held in order to thank the God Memoria for a beautiful world - a custom brought to Cethyr by the Leiians after the Gis’Ceni Disaster.
Surrounded by mountains, forests and located near the Neif Waterfalls and Caverns, this village is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. Its citizens take great pride in the hot springs, which are Cethyr’s main touristic attraction.
Legend has it that Cethyr is protected by an Ancient Spirit and that during festivals, this Spirit materializes and walks among the people, taking a form like one of them.
Recent rumors state that it was here that the Order of Veyerus was born, creating tension between the village and the Three Kingdoms.


A harbor town known for its development in the area of marine navigation and where the ocean breeze is always pleasing. Engineers and other researchers are common here, using Lun’Erco to create new ships and other means of transportation.
Lukevi, despite being a larger town than the mainland port of Tjiepu, focuses less on trade; thus its markets tend to be less crowded and confusing. Still, it is said that the Black Market’s headquarters are located here.
The days here are short, as they are for most of the island, and the long nights give rise to numerous parties in taverns and bars, often frequented by travelers from all over Khivann.

Cold Desert of Khivann

The cold desert of Niveria is just that; it is cold and barren, and is thus considered unable to sustain life. However, the ruined cities in the region suggest that it was not always this way, and its transformation into an icy wasteland was not a natural occurrence.


Once a city where the Thear lived, all that remains now are its ruins. Some houses and roads still show signs of its intricate architecture, built with many sea-like elements such as sea shells and starfish.
The whole city was decimated, just like the rest of the area, in the battle against the Evil God, leaving only crystal powder behind, showing just how fierce the Battle was.
Abandoned, no one lives in nor visits Niveria anymore and monsters began roaming around the city recently.
Archeologists say there are still many mysteries in this town to unveil, such as those surrounding the coliseum-like temple downtown. However, access to this building is extremely difficult; the doors are sealed and the already fragile structure of the building makes it nigh impossible and especially dangerous to force a way in without the temple collapsing.


Like Niveria, Ruucym was reduced to nothing more than ruins of the ancient civilization of the Thear. Still, there are pilgrims who dare to visit this place, usually in the company of experienced warriors to protect them from any dangers they may encounter.
Archeologists believe that ancient mythical creatures live on this side of the continent, but even today there is no proof of such a thing.

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