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Rules and F.A.Q.

Sun Jun 26, 2011, 6:20 AM by Memoria-CP:iconmemoria-cp:

General Rules

  • Please read all the rules to prevent repeated questions.
    For further questions please send a note to the Group instead of the personal accounts of each leader.
  • If you break any of the rules once will lead to a warning. A second time will lead to being banned.
  • Show respect and be polite to everyone. No flaming, abusing, trolling, spamming, harassing,...
  • If you wish to leave please warn the group by sending a note with the title "Leaving" and remove your character application from the gallery.
  • All artwork must be your own. No tracing, using bases, ...
    If you are caught doing any of these things you will be removed from the group.
  • No God-modding or Power playing. No one is perfect nor invincible and your character shouldn't be an exception.

Submission Policy

  • When submitting something, be sure to state which Kingdom gains points for it.
    In case of collabs, both Kingdoms will gain points so please make sure to write down which ones.
  • There is no limit on how many deviations you can submit. We encourage you to be as active as possible.
  • If you wish to submit mature pictures, please mark them as such. Racistic or insulting pictures will be declined however.
  • Sketches and linearts are allowed only if you don't work on them any further. Avoid posting both the lineart and the finished work please; do not post WIPs.
  • When drawing someone else's character remember to ask for permission and give credit in the artist's description.
  • If someone is offended by the way you drew their character, please remove the deviation from the gallery.

Role-playing / Chat room Rules

  • Please keep all content under PG-15 when role-playing in the chat room. If someone feels uncomfortable with the way you RP, please continue via private messages or any other way.
  • No offending other members just because your character and theirs do not get well.
    Remember, there's a difference between personal and RP. Just because your characters hate each other doesn't mean their owners have to dislike each other as well.
  • If non-members join the chat room, please be polite to them.
  • Non-members may still RP with group members; however, their characters are not a part of any kingdom, instead just being inhabitants of Memoria.
  • Try to use literate speak when in the chat. "Smtimes dis can rly b a rl h3ll n hrd 2 undrstand" especially for people who do not have English as their mother language.
  • No god-modding or power playing allowed during RPs. Your character’s stats are defined for a reason; do not RP in a way that is in opposition to your character’s stats. I.e., a low-strength character breaking boulders with his/her bare hands.
  • New to RPing? Want to know more details on it? Check out  this lovely tutorial:
So You Want to Join an RP Group
So You Want to Join an RP Group
A Guide to Creating and Playing Original Group RP Characters
Disclaimer: People have different styles of roleplaying. This centers around the style that I and my friends use. When reading instructional manuals for creative endeavors, always take suggestions with the knowledge that everyone likes different things.
RP groups are a lot of fun. After having exclusively done single one on one roleplays for the last nine or ten years, I only recently discovered the world of the deviantArt RP group. Many -- sometimes even hundreds! -- people gather in one location, all interested in the same base concept, and all hungry for roleplaying! It sounds like a writer's fantasy.
You almost always end up hitting it off with a couple of people whose style of writing compliments yours. The bonds you forge and the friendships that come with them are immensely strong, and you'll find people there for

Frequently Asked Questions

◊ About ◊

◊What exactly is Memoria Somnium?
Memoria Somnium is a Fantasy RP Group that allows you to have fun roleplaying with other characters, as well as draw and help you improve along the way.
The choices you make during quests, missions and other activities will determine the outcome of the story.

◊ What inspired you to make the group?
Mainly RPGs, fantasy novels and wanting to create a story together with as many people as possible while having fun drawing and role-playing it.

◊ Do all submissions need to be drawings? Are written/text submissions allowed?
Not all submissions need to be drawings; however, that is one of the main focuses of the group. Some quests might have the option of doing something other than drawings like a text, cosplay, sculpture, photography, etc…
You need to apply with a drawing of your character though.

◊ Choosing a Kingdom ◊

◊ Is there some kind of HQ or a building for the expedition members in each Kingdom?
Yes, there is. The 'Headquarters' building is located next to the Castle/Palace in each Kingdom and it consists mostly of a command room and offices for the leaders, a training ground, living quarters for the members, a mess hall, infirmary, and a relaxation lounge.
If your character doesn't have a house, they might choose to live there instead.

◊ Creating a Character ◊

◊ Can my character be a mix between Humans and Leiians?
No. Humans and Leiians can’t breed, therefore no half-breeds exist.

◊ Can my character have split personality?
No, you can't since it's two different personalities it's like RPing two characters and therefore no.
If there is a good explanation behind it, however, we might consider it. (a bad example would be the typical 'spirit' living inside your character).

◊ Are guns and the such allowed?
Guns are not allowed. Because this is an RP group, we're keeping things simple and setting some limitations on these aspects, unfortunately.
Guns do exist but it's something in development no one has access to, and most likely do not even know such exist outside the ones developing them.
But who knows! Perhaps later on, a gun might be given out as a reward.

◊ Can "Mythical" animals' features be used for Leiians? Stuff like Griffons, Unicorns, etc.
Yes, of course. Why not? All kinds of animal features are available and the more original you are, the better!

◊Is there any age limitation? Can I have a young character, around 13 years old?
Yes and no. You are free to give your character any age you want. We just ask that you be a bit realistic.
Your character is part of an expedition team, set out to explore new lands and retrieve the Fragments.
Seeing a ten years old being an awesome knight or badass assassin is a bit "too much".
Just try to make sense and explain why/how your character is like this or that. Try to not go overboard with the child prodigies, though.

◊ Do Leiians have a longer life span than humans? How many years do they typically live?
Leiians do in fact outlive humans; their average life expectancy is about 150 years, give or take due to random deviations.

◊ Magic ◊

◊ Is Magic restricted to Mages? Can a Fighter know a basic spell?
Not necessarily and yes. Because magic requires intense studying, it is only natural for those who focus on it to be able to use it.
Everyone else uses magic through the Lun’Erco crystals which aren’t as powerful but easier to use and thus, all non-mages classes will never have extremely powerful spells.

◊Doesn't the magic system make mages overpowered? What's to stop me from making a mage, but putting all their points into strength to make a fighter with full-power magic?
While mages might have a statistical advantage due to the magic system, it comes at a cost. Stronger magic can cause strain upon the user; thus, they are more prone to being tired out quickly. Even if a mage has both high strength and magic, using both aspects together will tire them out more quickly than if they just used their magic. Use of the basic magic of Leiian non-mages is far less taxing upon the body, and use of artificial magic by human non-mages does not cause fatigue at all.

◊ I want a Leiian OC but I also want a Healer. Does that mean I have to switch to a Human OC instead?
No, you don't. Leiians can use Water for healing spells. Just keep in mind it's never as powerful as Light though (ex: buff spells and others are limited)

◊ I want my character to be a Summoner type. Are they allowed?
They are. A summon counts as a pet and is exclusive to the Mage Class (meaning you can't summon if you are not a mage since it requires knowledge in magic).  The summoner must be fairly useless on their own if the summon is going to fight; If the summoner is fairly competent then the summon must be only for support.
The summoner-summon have an inversely proportional strength relationship, meaning, the stronger the summon is in combat, weaker the summoner is and vice versa.

◊ Other ◊

◊ What are the points used for? How do we gain them and what's their influence?
Points are gained through submissions and influence the direction of the storyline. Usually, the Kingdom with most points gains a reward, more influence on the storyline and plot and thus, has more benefits. The one with least amount of points will suffer a consequence, for example.
Remember, even though the Kingdoms are cooperating now, there still exists a sense of rivalry between them.

◊ I suck at drawing. Does that mean I have less chances of joining the group?
That is not true. We value effort above all. Whether your character is drawn better than others doesn’t matter if your application is lacking info and you only wrote two or three sentences about him/her.

◊ How active do the members have to be?
As long as you RP and/or post art over time, everything should be fine. At least though, try to submit something every 4 months, around the time an Episode comes out so you don’t miss out much.

◊ Do I have to do all the Quests/Missions/Events/…?
No. They are all Optional unless stated otherwise. But they help you in being active.

◊ What is the currency in Memoria?
The world of Memoria uses Gold, Silver, and Copper as currency. One copper correlates to about $1 in the real world. One silver is worth ten copper, and one gold is worth ten silver. So 1 Gold = 10 silver = 100 Copper, and 1 Gold = ~$100, 1 silver =~$10, and 1 copper =~$1.

F.A.Q. will be updated as we soon as we get more questions!

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