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The Kingdoms

Fri Jun 24, 2011, 4:41 PM by Memoria-CP:iconmemoria-cp:


In Memoria Somnium, you’ll join and serve under one of the Three Kingdoms based on their politics and beliefs. Each Kingdom will have a role and your course of action will trace the future of the world...A future the God of this world Himself has discarded.


:iconpennutems:Pennute has taken the role of settlers on the Expedition. With each new civilization found, it is this Kingdom that will take responsibility for the first contact, holding peaceful negotiations, to make sure friendly ties are established between them.

:iconlahansims:With their priority being the search of the Fragments and the Order, La'Hansi will venture forth into the unknown in search of new places while the other Kingdoms stay and handle negotiations. Pioneering and exploring is their task.

:iconterhwams:Terhwa's views are mostly neutral about the Expedition. They just want to study these discoveries and use the knowledge for their own Kingdom's sake. It's not unusual for them to be stuck in one place for long. Though because it is the most balanced one, they will often provide support.

◆ Keep in mind that these are just the politics and beliefs of the government within each kingdom; your character does not have to completely accept or follow the views of each kingdom. Just as is the case in real life, not every citizen strictly adheres to their nation’s political beliefs.
◆ In addition, just because the main focus of your kingdom is a certain thing, does not mean that your character has to specialize in it as well. Every kingdom has need of technology, magic, healing, strong fighters, and so on.

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