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How to Join

Wed Jun 22, 2011, 10:04 AM by Memoria-CP:iconmemoria-cp:

-How to Join-

◊ This is an RP group open to all, so you’re free to join.

◊ The first step to join is filling the Character Application Sheet and write down a description of your character’s profile.

◊ To join, you need to submit your character once the enrollments are open.

◊ During enrollments, you will have to submit your application by clicking on Join our Group.
Your join request MUST include:
->A link to your application,
->Which Kingdom you are joining
->Which kingdom is your alternate in the event that your desired kingdom is full.
Any joining request that doesn’t include these things will have lower priority then other apps.

◊ This group is not first-come-first-served. We want characters to be interesting, so we value effort most. So think your character through and try to make it as much interesting as you can.

◊ Once your character is accepted, submit the application to your kingdom’s folder.

- If you’re not accepted, don’t worry, you can still RP with members and draw. Although you can't submit deviations to the group, we can add them to the group’s favorites.

- If you’re not able to join on the first enrolls, take your time to think your character through and make it better.

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