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Important definitions, words and terms for a better understanding of the World of Memoria can be found here.

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◊Bloodshed of Gods
The Bloodshed of Gods was a violent battle between two Divine beings, the Thear and the Evil God that had possessed the Leiians during the “Gis’Ceni Disaster” two thousand years ago. Although it ended with the Thear on the winning side, it is believed that it lead to most of their extinction, with only the rulers of the 3 Kingdoms surviving, as the Thear disappeared soon after the conflict was solved.
The Thear, together with Humans and Leiians, fought the Evil God and pierced His heart, resulting in His body shattering into various fragments all across the land. The Thear disappear soon after this, off to other lands to collect the rest of the pieces.


◊Church of Laremis
Laremis is the name given to the religion worshipping the Thear. It quickly spread to all regions in Khivann – with the exception of Terpua - after the “Gis’Ceni Disaster”, where the Thear, a race of gods, saved the Humans and the land from the Leiians’ senseless destruction.
The Laremis faith has had tremendous influence over the years, even after the Thear left Khivann.
Nearly all people in Khivann follow the teachings, with the exception of the Leiians, who have pledged themselves to Mother Earth, Memoria, and no other entity. Although one could say the reasons Leiians do not follow the teachings is probably because of their past with the Thear.

◊Continent of Khivann
With its verdant natural landscapes, tall mountains and moderate climatic conditions, it is the home of a great variety of life, each with its own unique race and culture. There are still other regions like the deep, mystical forests of Terpua, the seaside island of Iserba and the crystal cold desert of Niveria.


Edain is the title given to the one at the top of the Laremis’ Church hierarchy and means “Hero” in the old Thearen language. It was also the name of the Thear’s first successor after they left, following the events of the Bloodshed of Gods.
This position had immense influence and power some centuries ago but conflict over the right to this position and the appearance of legends and myths about the Thear led to the Church of Laremis weakening significantly. Still, while the Church itself has lost most of its influence, Edain retains a very important role in Khivann as the successor of the Thear: to maintain his neutrality and unite the nations, preventing conflict; just like the Thear united the Humans and Leiians in the past.

◊Evil God
The entity that possessed the Leiians when they started to envy the Humans’ capacity of adapting to change, unlike the Leiians who were bound to Mother Earth and Memoria. He is held responsible for the “Gis’Ceni Disaster” and for the “Bloodshed of Gods”.  
History does not reveal His name, as even mentioning that was dangerous enough for oneself; and so, He is only referred to as the “Evil One” and “Evil God”.
After His plans came to a halt thanks to the Thear appearing and fighting the Leiians, He descended from His realm and declared War against the World.
According to legend, His body shattered in thousands of fragments across the World once the Thear pierced His heart. In order to avoid His return, the Thear left Khivann soon after this to collect the fragments.


◊First Khivann War
The First War between the kingdoms in Khivann came from the need and race for resources, namely the Lun’Erco that was beginning to scarce. Many small villages fell in this war and countless people lost their lives.
The Kingdom of Pennute found a way to grant its soldiers the power of magic through the Lun’Erco and soon declared War on Terhwa, while La’Hansi tried to keep its neutrality. Pennute had the upper hand and it wasn’t long before La’Hansi was invaded.
After four years of massive destruction and struggling, La’Hansi counterattacked and smashed through Pennute’s lines, however, both sides end up being victims of a strange creature’s sudden attack.
Edain, the person in charge of the Church of Laremis, claims that the conflict between nations has caused the Evil God to return once again by using the fragments left in the continent. The researchers at Terhwa also confirm this and the First Khivann War reaches its end, with peace between nations eventually reached.


The name of the first civilization to exist in Khivann. Built by a group of individuals sharing the same goals, the metropolis of Gis’Ceni quickly became one of the most important places in Khivann. The first records of History began to appear around this time as well as development of writing systems.  
It is written that it was inhabited mostly by Humans, the founders, and that some individuals did not agree with their laws; leading the Leiians to abandon it and build their own city.

◊Gis’Ceni Disaster
A great tragedy that took place between the many Leiian tribes that lived in Khivann more than two thousand years ago. It is said that Leiians were possessed by an Evil God who granted them supernatural powers such as magic, and with them, the Leiians destroyed hundreds of cities and killed thousands of people in order to conquer and rule the continent.
The battle came to a stop with the arrival of the Thear, who fought the Leiian tribes and ended their conflicts, making peace between them.


One of the races in Khivann. They are the most numerous and politically dominant species on the continent. Despite having no special abilities or a long life span like the Leiians, they are the most balanced race and have managed to set up large Kingdoms, and their ability to adapt to new situations and change led to great developments of technology and industry.


Also called the “Children of Mother Earth”, the Leiians are the oldest race in Memoria, inhabiting it since Ancient Times. They are usually characterized by their animal features such as tails, ears, scales, horns, …  and are born with magic-infused blood, said to be a gift from the gods, endowing them with psychic powers and skill in wizardry. Still, those who do not dedicate their lives to it nor practice their magic see their spells weakening with each passing year.
According to history, the Leiians were possessed by an Evil God and started a War among them, devastating the continent and destroying the lives of thousands. This led to the well known “Gis’Ceni Disaster”.
The consequences of the Gis’Ceni Disaster made the Leiians targets of persecution and hatred, and the ones who showed signs of witchcraft or any type of magic would be sentenced to death.
Although this discrimination has decreased in the present and their magic accepted, there are still those who hate and fear the Leiians because of their past and/or abilities.
The Leiians are the only race to openly reject the teachings of the Thear.


◊Memoria (God)
Memoria is the name of the God who created the world and gave birth to all life, according to the legends in the Leiian culture. This God shares the same name with the World as He blesses the Leiians with its Secrets and Magic.

◊Memoria (World)
The World where the story takes place. Memoria is a flat world, with its edges consisting of huge waterfalls that lead to the end of the world, to a dark abyss. It is said that, in ancient days, the world of Memoria consisted of a single large island and many different cultures inhabited it; but the “Bloodshed of Gods” left big wounds on the planet that caused the mainland to tear apart and drift away, leaving only the Continent of Khivann behind.
This tale is not confirmed, however, as very few dare to leave the island and those who did never really returned.


◊Order of Veyerus
A group of rebels that wishes to bring back the Evil God and be reunited with Him. For that purpose, they have stolen the main three shards that were left behind to the Kingdoms by the Thear, and are on a mission to retrieve more fragments.
Their leader, Dius, claims to be a Thear and has personally declared War against the Church of Laremis.
Their whereabouts are currently unknown, although they occasionally cause havoc around the Continent.


Little is known about the Thear other than that they were a race of godly-like beings that descended from the Heavens, answering the calls of Humans to save them from the Leiians who were being possessed by an Evil God. They are credited for unifying the continent and help establishing and developing most of modern Khivann Culture. They disappeared soon after the “Bloodshed of Gods” and only the rulers of the 3 kingdoms stayed behind.
Their actions, influences and sacrifices have led the Thear to be worshiped greatly and become the main religion in Khivann.
The Thear possess a very distinctive appearance. It consists of pure white beings, with golden and silver hair; usually referred as those “devoid of color” or “the pure ones”.

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